Australian Digital Go Tournament

This is an annual first-class tournament of the Australian Go Association and regional tournament of the New Zealand Go Society, held online for players in the South Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the island nations and territories).

Year Tournament Open Division Second Division Third Division
ChampionSecondThird FirstSecondThird FirstSecondThird
2019 Draw and results Your Name Here Your Name Here
2018 Draw, results Billy Sun 5d (AU) Ziyu Ge 5d (AU) Ken Xie 5d (NZ) Kelvin Duong 1d (AU) Barry Allison 9k (AU) Fei Peng 1d (AU)
2016 Draw, results Kevin Liu 6d (NZ) Ken Xie 5d (NZ) Gongsu Chen 5d (AU) Zhang Dian 2d (AU) Huong Phan 3k (AU) Daniel Bell 8k (AU)
2015 Draw, results Tom Chen 5d (AU) Ken Xie 5d (NZ) Xin Lei 3d (AU) Stephen Yang 4d (AU) Rhys Davies 1d (AU) Johnny Jiang 1d (AU) Zhenyu Liu 10k (AU) Justin Luafutu 16k (AU) Pan Zhao 8k (AU)